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Overview of Our Tan Values

Other than an innate structure that ensures the Foundation works with integrity, we are, owing to our growing partnerships and the very work that we do for communities, established to be both transparent and accountable to the public and relevant government bodies on our programs/projects, researches, partnership involvements as well as organizational and financial audits. In the execution of our programs and projects, we strictly adhere to a no-discrimination policy that ensures we reach children of every gender, tribe, religion and political affiliation.

What we do

Child Rights Advocacy

Through all forms of media (internet, TV, radio, print), and through participation in humanitarian and developmental discussions and campaigns, GMA advocates for the creation and implementation of policies that will secure the future of African through:

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Research and Analysis

GMA Foundation propels research on a community by community basis on a variety of subjects all aimed at providing evidence-based grounds for our programs as well as thesis for other organizations to work with in those regions.

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Education and Mentorship Connect Initiative

Our educational programs provide scholarships for less privileged children in rural communities, and vulnerable groups. This, depending on program or project, provides tuition fees, educational materials, educational activities and competitions for the children, based on a need’s assessment test.

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Emergency Interventions

In events of natural disasters, insurgencies, loss of parents/guardians, GMA Foundation reaches out with special intervention projects to provide relief for the affected children as well as to secure the continuation of their schooling at whatever level they stopped. Our intervention projects also cater for scholarships for internally displaced children.

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Skill Acquisition Training/Exploration

Working with our resources and with credible partnerships, the Foundation organizes trainings and workshops for less privileged widows, youths and children in singing, music production, songwriting and performance, scriptwriting, filmmaking, TV production, photography, crafts and arts, business and ICT.

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Gospel Music Africa Foundation

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